There are tons of Facebook advertising formats available to advertisers today, such as video, image, carousel, lead generation, offers, event response and the list goes on. But there is one format that not many people are aware of called sequential ads. It offers a more effective way for advertisers to deliver the right message at the right time, to the right person, pushing them down the sales funnel and closer to a purchase.

Facebook has diversified into a full-funnel advertising solution, with support for a wide variety of ad types and targeting options.

What is sequential advertising?

In short, it is a way to show your targeted audience a group of ads across all devices with the goal that they will eventually purchase your product or service. The Facebook algorithm helps determine which ads someone has already seen and automatically serves up the next one in the series. In fact, Snapchat are now allowing marketers to run sequential video ads in its Discover hub. And consumers are reacting well to it with view-through rates for sequenced ads 87 percent higher than standard ads, or so they claim anyway!

Who Uses It?

The most recent example we found comes from DS Automobiles a spin off of the iconic brand, Citroën. For the launch of their fifth-generation model car, they wanted to make a splash for the DS brand name which was pretty new to many people. DS executed a sequential advertising strategy in three phases:

  1. Pre-launch teaser video: DS leveraged Reach & Frequency targeting to reach users at scale
  2. Live-stream launch event: Next, DS took advantage of Remarketing Audiences to re-engage users who watched the first video. They did this by showing an ad linking to the live-stream launch event.
  3. Post-event video replay: Finally, they ran additional ads to showcase a video replay and reinforce the DS brand.

The result of the campaign? It achieved over 36 million impressions, nearly 8 million video views and a highly engaged fan base.

You can read the full case study here.

Why you should consider it?

  1. They extend your campaign. A multi-phase ad strategy over the course of several days gives you more ways to tell your story and build your brand, all while guiding users down the funnel.
  2. They work across devices: From tablet, desktop to mobile, you can serve ad seamlessly to your audience.
  3. They leverage video. Facebook averages more than 3 billion video views per day, so using video ads as part of a sequential advertising strategy is really a no brainer!
  4. They are customisable. It’s easy to choose objectives and creative types that best suit your business goals, and control the sequence of your ads with Facebook’s powerful Ad Manager platform.


In summary, Facebook sequential ads can be incredibly effective. Advertisers who utilise sequential advertising strategies often see increased conversions and brand awareness at a lower cost. Although sequential advertising is relatively new, is offers exciting opportunities to serve meaningful ads to targeted groups of people while in their social space. If you would like to setup a Facebook sequential advertising campaign, get in touch with us at Eyefall.