With our new Feedback platform, you can send branded surveys to your customers or prospects and see results in real time. But how do engage with respondents to ensure a high survey completion rate? Here are just five tips to improve your response rates.

“Focus on the end user and all else will follow”


  1. Embed questions into emails

Distributing surveys via email is a great way to collect feedback. Companies usually just include a link to their survey in the body of an email, but there’s a better way to grab people’s attention. With one-touch email surveys, you can skip the link and embed the survey question directly into an email. This offers a far better user experience, because respondents can answer the first question without leaving their inboxes, the less clicks the better!

2. Add interactive surveys to your website

Are you gathering enough data from website visitors to make calculated decisions? Adding a website survey to all or specific pages can help you gather key input from prospects and customers, plus a lot more. This can be done by adding a small icon in the corner of a webpage.

3. Embed surveys into knowledge base articles

A great way to minimise contact requests is with great knowledge base content. But how can you be sure your help articles are answer questions effectively? Knowledge base surveys are a great tool for measuring content effectiveness. You can see which resources are helpful and which need some work!

4. Survey Personalisation

Today’s customers expect personalised services from your company. Asking for feedback is not exempt from this. View your customers as individuals and send them surveys that are relevant to them. With survey logic and merge fields, personalisation has never been easier. You can pull in relevant details about your survey respondents, like their name, the item they purchased, or the name of the agent who helped them.

5. Measure Customer Effort Score

When customers are having issues with your product, they’re going to want a quick and easy fix. Whether they utilise the knowledge base or contact support, they’re looking for a resolution with the least amount of effort. Spotting inefficiencies can be tricky though. This is where measuring customer effort score can help. It can give you the customer insight to determine where improvements are can be made and how to address it. Don’t send your customers on a wild goose chase for answers. They’ll appreciate a quick, straight to the point fix.

The Customer Effort Score question allows you to measure and understand the customer service experience more accurately.


Surveys can be utilised in lots of ways. Whether you’re looking to improve your knowledge base, website content or customer service experience, there’s a survey available to gather the data you need. In conjunction to collecting customer insight, keep in mind on how you ask for feedback. Remember to put the customer first and all else will follow! To arrange a demo of our Feedback survey, please contact us today.