Monitor how your business is performing across all KPI’s that are important to you. Track overall website traffic, top referring websites, SEO performance, visitor interaction, Google Analytics conversions and goals, the source of your web traffic, and so much more!

Discover which pay-per-click (PPC) ads and keywords and are driving the most traffic to your website and find out the cost per click and cost per acquisition from each of your pay-per-click campaigns.

Insights provides precise measurement on all of those important social media statistics such as engagement, fans & likes. Monitor your top performing messages, media, & posts, and track all of your social media analytics on one unified dashboard.

Accurately measure your SEO performance by pulling in useful data from industry leading platforms such as Alexa, SEO Moz and Google Search Console.



Real-Time Data

With Insights, you can pull in data from various platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Adverts Manager and many more systems to see what is happening at that moment in time.

All-in-one Monitoring

Instantly navigate through all your digital marketing platforms to see what’s performing well and what’s not. Within a few clicks you can follow the journey of that potential customers and the effectiveness of each touchpoint.

Export and Share

While you can view any reports or dashboards on any device, you also have the ability to export data in spreadsheet from such as CSV or Excel - or as a snapshot in the form of a PDF. We can also help convert into another file format that may be required for a particular program such as PowerPoint (.pptx), Keynote (.key), Word Document (.docx) or any other format you need. Whether it’s sharing with a colleague or presenting in front of an audience we’ll make you’re covered.



Understanding Touchpoints

You’ll be able to look at custom audiences or indiviuals to see where they are interacting with your brand, how they are doing so and at what time. Some customers need one touchpoints, while other will hundreds of interaction before purchasing.

Becoming Predictive

Once you begin learning more about how your customers interact your brand, you’ll be able to see when and where your customers will engage with your product as well as our suggestions of what will happen next.

Maximise Revenue

All this leads to an increased ROI, more effective spending and a much happier finance department. You’ll know where the best place to put your budget is as well as knowing your marketing is leading to more sales.

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Jane Fontaine


Insights has completely transformed our sales process Being able to see how to compare our digital marketing from email campaigns to social media and which is the most effective in a matter of seconds has provided us more time to focus on our customers.

Bobby Jean


While we are confident we’ve made the most of PPC and Display Ads with our current marketing model we found that our social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram were failing to meet our targets. Since utilising Insights we instantly rectified the problem and increase our ROI.

James Heaton


Initially we started working with Eyefall on creative for our windshield wiper campaign. When we learned that they also offered Insights we decided to try it out. This lead to our most successful digital campaign in the last 5 years and now we use it across all our platforms.

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